March 28, 2017

High Lights

High Ligts of PLAY – The Show

The Scandinavian humor that HabenGoods bring along, when they perform their repertoire, will make an impact to the audience at any selective venue, especially when it´s unexpected.

As part of Varieté Shows or in Cooperate Business Events, HabenGoods is known to set a high level of energy, when they perform the High Lights of their repertoire.

The legendary movie and rock songs rings a bell to almost anybody, and the HabenGoods remakes bring them alive.

Ghostbusters, Movie Theme
Pirates of Caribbean, Movie Theme
Mission Impossible, Movie Theme
Thunder Struck, AC/DC
Weipout, Surfaris

Jungle Boogie, Kool And The Gang / Pulp Fiction Movie
The Final Count Down, Europe


HabenGoods perform at the opening of Experimentarium Copenhagen, with HRH Crown Prince Frederik and The Elite of Danish Industrie / DR1 Broadcast NEWS